A gathering of Stitches is Changing shape, and moving. As of January 1 2017 there will no longer be studio space available. All programming will take the form of retreats at beautiful Maine locations. Go to the Maine Stitching retreats page for more information.



Studio Space

AGOS is kinda one big studio for all you craft minded folks who need to work with your hands. There are a couple of different options for working in here....

-You can rent time on any of the equipment, or facilities, at AGOS. So that means the sewing machines, the sergers, the dyeing or screen printing facilities, or even just the tables and irons.  So if you don't have room to lay out that quilt at home, you can come in here and lay it out on our tables!  It's all available to you, during open hours...

You must demonstrate proficiency on a machine in order to rent time on it, the same goes for the dyeing and screen printing facilities If you'd like to rent a piece of equipment with some guidance, we can offer machines with a Fairy Godmother. That means while you're renting, if you have any questions or need any help someone (probably Samantha) will be here to help you out. This is not a private lesson, we offer those as well, but just some help getting through small issues. Contact us for private lesson rates. Please ask if you have any questions about the operations of any piece of equipment.

The following is available to rent by the hour/day/week:

• Singer Memomatic 360 knitting machine        $13  per hour

• Elna 664 pro serger                                           $13 per hour

• Janome Memory craft sewing machine           $11 per hour

• Tacsew Industrial sewing machine, with a walking foot         $13 per hour

• Screen Printing facilities                                    $15 per hour, plus cost of inks

• Dyeing facilities                                                  $13 per hour, you provide your own dyes

• Cutting table/Iron/Ironing board/dress form    $10 per hour, you bring your own sewing machine

• Fairy Godmother                                                 Add $6 to the hourly rate


~Screen Printing Facilities

We have a dedicated darkroom for coating screens, a 2'x4' exposure unit, a wash down unit and various squeegees and scoop coaters, and drying racks. $15/hour, plus the cost of ink.  [We can coat and expose screens with your image for @$45 for 18x20 (outer dimensions) and @$52 for 24x31.] This service is on hold while we find a new member to take it over. 

~Dyeing Facilities

We have three hot plate burners, various pots and stirring tools, sinks and drying racks. Make a mess (and clean it up) without worrying about contaminating your kitchen!  $13/hour, you bring your own dyes.

Short Term Studio Space

-If your project is larger, or longer, you can rent a desk in our Short Term Studio. That allows you to leave things here (sewing machine, projects) and use all the space/equipment for an extended period of time (a week, a month, a quarter). 

 Stations in Short Term:

  • One week, leave your machine/tools                      $50/week
  • One month                                                         $135/month
  • Three months                                                      $300/quarter (includes keys/24hr access)

Thread spools.jpg

Long Term Rental Studios

At A Gathering of Stitches we really believe in community. We love what happens when you put like-minded makers in a space with the tools they need and they create. To that end, in addition to our workshops and our hourly/daily/weekly rentals, we also have nine individual studio spaces available for rent.  If you are looking for space to expand a nascent craft business, or are looking to get your studio out of your home, we have space for you. Below is a full description of what we offer to potential tenants here in Portland, Maine.  At the bottom of this page is a floor plan. Read it over and if it sounds like someplace you'd like to be, call us at 747 5015 or email us at info@agatheringofstitches.com.  We are currently full. If you are interested in being on our waitlist, please contact us at info@agatheringofstitches.com. Studios range in size from 140 square feet to 244 square feet and in cost from $265 to $395 a month. Individual studios can be shared by up to 3 residents; more than 3 residents may share a single studio for an additional $25 per month per resident. If you are looking to share, but don’t have a partner let us know. The studios have electricity and 4-5’ half walls separating them from the common space.

The common space is central and accessible to all, and includes the use of the following equipment:

• A dye area with sinks, wet tables and heating elements.

• A silk screen exposure unit (darkroom) and wash down facilities.

• A washer and dryer

• Five sergers

• Other assorted sewing machines including machines that can handle leather and


• Knitting machines (training required to use)

• Cutting tables

• Irons and ironing boards

• A die cut machine

• Steamer

• Adjustable dress forms

 • A research library

• Bathroom and kitchenette

• Free onsite parking

• Heat, air conditioning, electricity, and WiFi included

The space is large, open and airy. The ceilings are at least ten feet tall. There are windows on two sides of the space, which faces northwest.  A Gathering of Stitches offers workshops and retreats on many aspects of the fiber and textile world including sewing, quilting, knitting, dyeing, silk screening and much more.  We also offer specialized equipment for rent, and a large library for research. We hope to build a community for those consumed by the world of fiber and textiles, a haven for stitchers, a place to come and share, create, collaborate, solve, expand, network. We are looking for artists and makers to share the space with us. 


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A Gathering of Stitches

54 Cove Street, Portland, Maine  04101  207 747 5015