• Introduction to Shibori and Indigo Dyeing •

• Introduction to Shibori and Indigo Dyeing •


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Come dive into the mysterious world of Blue resist dyeing with the ancient tradition of Shibori and Indigo. Shibori inspiration is everywhere these days, from high fashion to DIY.

This is an introduction to the Japanese art of resist dyeing through the historical, yet oh-so modern technique of Shibori.  You will learn several resist techniques (stitching, fold and clamp, and pole wrapping) and marvel at the intricate and beautiful patterns that unfold and emerge. 

In this two-day weekend intensive, you will learn various approaches to dyeing with indigo and other vat dyes; gaining an understanding of the structure of the folded and bound resist, wrapped and stitched patterns and how you might combine the two techniques.  You will learn how to use the indigo vat, a unique method of dyeing, as well as other colored vat dyes.  This is a great introductory workshop to give you a good overview of all the specific techniques involved in the tradition of Japanese resist dyeing that is Shibori. It also qualifies you to rent time in our AGOS Indigo Vat.

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Saturday and Sunday, May 7th & 8th from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

Teacher: Kathleen Goddu

Participants: Six

Skill Level: Absolute beginners welcome!

Registration for this workshop will close on April on April 18th to allow all participants time to secure materials. Once you register you will receive a detailed supplies list from Kathy.  

Kathleen Goddu

Over 13 years ago Kathy became entranced with Indigo dye and Shibori while on two different Home Stay Exchange Programs in the prefecture of Aomori, Japan.  Shibori is an ancient dye resist process with many different techniques.  Her life has been forever enriched by their culture, ethics, and artistic craftsmanship.  Since then she has had the privilege to study with four of the most renowned shibori artists in the country. She is also self-taught in Sashiko stitching. 

"The different resist techniques offered with Shibori appeal to my love of fluidity and movement.  Although each technique has a certain predictable pattern outcome, there is always the element of surprise when a piece is finally unveiled.  Each piece that is unwrapped, unclamped or unstitched has many intricate and exciting patterns: many very unexpected, but delightfully organic.  As beautiful three-dimensional patterns rise up from a one-dimensional piece of fabric all senses are engaged and entranced.     I primarily use indigo dye because of its magical quality and its breath-taking beauty.  I strive to create fluid patterns that touch, thrill and comfort the soul, and create a feeling of quiet calm."