Where to Buy Garment Fabric Online


Herewith a list of online fabric buying options for garment sewists. Some are stand alone cyber retailers, some are online outlets for Brick & Mortar shops. I have done business with many of these businesses, but cannot guarantee any transaction. This list is entirely of my making, I have not been paid for any endorsements. I always encourage people to do business with their local brick and mortar store first. Our community stores will not survive, and thrive, if we don't patronize them. Shop local first!  But, if you cannot find the garment fabric you need, do not despair, more and more people are sewing garments again, and there is tons of fabric for you to find. You just need to look for it!

You can buy garment fabrics online! You are not limited to the quilting shops or larger chains you may have in your immediate area. (Although your local quilt shop could very well have some garment substrates hidden amongst their flat cottons, do some detective work....!) Buying fabric sight unseen requires some knowledge about fiber, substrate, weave, and hand. Educate yourself! Touch everything whenever you can. Ask questions, do research! There are some good basic books out there, and various online glossaries. Make note of fabrics you like, and what is (and isn't) successful in your makes. The more you know about terms and descriptions, the more successful you will be in buying online. You can do it! And if you're still uncertain, get a swatch!

ps I make no claims for this list to be comprehensive. It is only what I have discovered. If you have a source that I am missing, please let me know!


Larger Online only Sources:



A huge online warehouse of all sorts of fabrics. It requires some digging, and time, but you can find all sorts of useful fabrics here.

Fashion Fabrics Club

Another huge online warehouse, but this one focuses more on garment fabrics.

Fabrics Store

Inexpensive source of Linen.

Emma One Sock

HUGE selection of Designer fabrics. Prices can be high, but the sales help.


Online Outlets for Brick & Mortar Stores:


Fancy Tiger Crafts

Based in Denver, CO, this store is certainly worth a visit. But if you can't get there in person they have a great selection available online. In addition to selling all the Modern fabric designers, they are very good at searching out smaller runs of beautiful natural fibers. Plus you can buy patterns, yarn, and other supplies from them too!

Drygoods Design

Worth a visit when in Seattle, but in the meantime, this thoroughly Modern store has a great selection of natural fibers and Modern designer fabrics.

The Confident Stitch

A newer online and brick and mortar garment fabric store that does a really beautiful job with their photography, and the curation of good garment fabrics. Based in Montana, they stock all of the larger fabric lines, plus some lovely designer selections.  Patterns and notions too.

Mood Fabrics

Famous for their ongoing role on Project Runway, you too can shop where NYC shops for fabric! The online selection won't allow you to scramble wildly through the aisles (and aisles!) of fabric bolts, but you'll find a great selection of garment fabrics, including all sorts of Seventh Ave designer overruns and bolt ends. Will swatch.

Michael Levine Fabrics

LA's answer to Mood. Deep inventory of all sorts of fabric substrates, some very good prices. Will swatch.

Fabric Mart

This family based company specializes in off cuts and remnants from fashion houses, so is always a good place to look for unusual fabrics.

The Fabric Store

Lesser known in this hemisphere, but beloved to Down Under sewists, this New Zealand giant has an American outlet in LA, and you can shop them online too!  Will swatch

Britex Fabrics

You can shop this SF institution online! They may be moving soon (greedy developers!) but if you're in SF be sure to visit! In the meantime check out their online listings... Will swatch.

Vogue Fabrics

Based in Chicago for those in the middle of the country. Will swatch.

Merchant & Mills

This company produces some beautiful patterns, and now you can also buy the delicious fabrics you see in their images. I dream of visiting the store, someday!

Gray line Linen

In the garment district in NYC. Linen, linen, linen...

Banksville Designer Fabrics

I've never been, but have heard legends about this place in CT. So if you're on the East Coast it's worth investigating. Mail order is doable, they swatch, but a visit is probably the better way to shop.

Fashion Sewing Supply

Wide and diverse selection of Interfacing.


Purely Online Independent Stores:


Miss Matatabi Japanese Fabric

A deep selection of beautiful Japanese textiles & patterns.

Imagine Gnats

Apparel fabrics from modern designers to basic substrates, patterns and notions too.

La Mercerie

A careful and thoughtfully curated store of Apparel fabrics for the modern sewist. Jess Povenmire (the owner) has a very good eye and stocks a tight collection of substrates that make choosing a simple process. You'll find things here you won't see anywhere else.

Threadbare Fabrics

Cone denim. Need I say more....?

Organic Cotton Plus

An ever expanding array of Organic fabrics.

Offset Warehouse

A remarkable selection of eco-friendly, fashion forward fabrics.

Stylemaker Fabrics

A wide range of fashion fabrics, as well as notions, patterns and a blog.

Hell Gate Fabrics

A small well-curated collection of ethically made fashion fabrics.

Indie Sew

A curated selection of fabrics and patterns, with seasonal highlights and a blog.

Blackbird Fabrics

A Canadian company with a well curated selection of garment fabrics, including bra-making supplies. Be mindful of customs/shipping for US customers.

Maker Mountain Fabrics

A very nicely curated selection of fabric and patterns.

APC Fabrics

An LA based company that produces and distributes sustainable and affordable fabrics. Inventory you don’t see elsewhere.


A UK source of lovely ethical garment fabrics. With the current state of the British Pound, the prices are quite reasonable.

Sister Mintaka

UK outlet that ships worldwide. Shipping may add up, but they have an interesting selection of deadstock at good prices, so….

Finch Fabrics

A smaller nimble LA fabric retailer that sources Designer mill ends and remnants. Always something different to find here.

Marcy Tilton

You may remember her name from Vogue Patterns, but she also sells high fashion fabrics at good prices.

Girl Charlee

Perhaps the largest selection of Jersey available online. The quality of the in house brand can be spotty, so buyer beware.

Bra-Maker's Supply

Canadian business, so be aware of shipping/customs if you're ordering from the US.

Tailor Made Shop

NYC business with kits, patterns and fabrics for bra-making.

Sew Sassy Fabrics

Lingerie and bra-making supplies.