Janome Memory Craft 7700 QCP

ETA:  We have sold this machine!  Thank you to everyone who looked at it.  Next week we will have two new machines in the studio....!

We have a beautiful sewing machine for sale!

When we first opened the doors I had a picture in my head of what would happen in this space. As is often the case, what has come to be is rather different from what I saw in my head. It is always good to be flexible, no?  The sewing machines that I bought initially are not entirely appropriate for the needs of the studio as it is currently functioning. So I have decided to sell one of our Janome quilting machines. I intend to replace this quilting monster with a couple of heavy duty multi-purpose machines. So do not fear that our collection of sewing machines is shrinking. No, on the contrary, we have more machines now than ever. But as I fine tune the programming and the offerings here at AGOS, I need to also adjust the tools.  The right tool, makes the job so much smoother and easier. We are refining!

This Janome Memory Craft 7700 QCP has a wide throat (or harp) of 11 inches that makes it a joy to quilt quilts up to Queen size, even King if you're really careful. So for someone who is looking to do a lot of their own quilting, instead of sending it out to a long-armer, this is a big step up from an average machine. I personally have a very similar machine, an Elna Excellence 740, with the same throat dimensions, and it is a pleasure to quilt with. This machine also has a built in walking (or even-feed) foot which is great for quilting, and for sewing on thick or napped fabrics. And lest you think this machine is only good for quilting, I have made many, many garments with mine. The buttonhole function alone is bliss. It also has a great blind-hemming function, and foot, a sweet rolled hem foot, and many other garment sewing attachments.  Initially I bought two of these creatures, but they are being under-utilized, so I have made a decision to sell one. We will still have one that you can come in and rent time on for your quilting needs.  I will use the funds from that sale to buy two new heavy duty multi-purpose machines that will have much more use for the studio.  So our change is your opportunity. If you have been pining for a bigger machine, this unit is going for a good price. The list price is over $2,000, but I am asking just $1,200.  It has been well-loved, and maintained with annual check-ups at South Portland Sewing Center. It purrs like a tiger and quilts like a dream. It has all it's accessories and options including many feet, a knee lifter, its manual, and a cover. I do not have the box anymore, sorry, but the important stuff is here. You are welcome to come by and give him a test drive. Oh yeah, his name is Dumbledore, which came from the person who contributed the funds (and naming rights) to purchase him during our IndieGoGo campaign. Contrary to expectations, he was named for a dog, not the Harry Potter character.