What does it mean to slow down and Make in a thoughtful manner....?

Let's talk about it!

Do you ever get the burning desire to make for someone else?  I don't know if its just how I'm wired, but when I feel a connection, an affinity, compassion for someone I get the desire to make for them. Over the years its taken all sorts of forms, from small sweaters for babies, hats for blue friends, quilts for newlyweds, socks for long distance compatriots and more.  We had dinner with a lovely couple the other night. It was quiet night of gentle and sweet companionship. There was delicious food, some tasty wine and intimate conversation. It was just one of those moments you hope you have many of in your life. After we got home into bed and turned the lights out, I thought to myself- I would like to make them a quilt.  They are younger than I am, at a different phase in their life. Trying to live an authentic life without compromising their visions and goals. That is not necessarily an easy choice in this economy. They are fine, but their surroundings are more minimal. So my brain immediately wants to surround them with some love, some comfort, some warmth..... A quilt... I am not sure whether I will get to it, or if so, when. But I do like the thought, at least. I would wrap so many people in quilts if I could. What is that about?  Does anyone else feel like that?

In the present, I am working on a commission, which is a fitting challenge for me...

dressing for the cold