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Bonnie in her Laurel dress

Bonnie in her Laurel dress

Check out Bonnie in her new Laurel! Doesn't she look great!  She made this lovely dress in the Sewing with a Commercial Pattern workshop.  The fabric came from Z Fabrics. Laurel is an endlessly versatile pattern from Colette Patterns. It can be made into a variety of dress and tops. It is a great place to start your garment sewing experience for people interested in making their own clothes. If you think you might like to try making clothes, come take a workshop with us. I promise you can do it, and you'll even have fun learning!

I promised photos of my Alabama Chanin skirt, and here they are. I so admire Natalie Chanin and everything she does. If you are unfamiliar with her work, go to her website and check it out. I'm not going to gush here, suffice to say I have a big girl crush on Natalie. Having finished one of her DIY projects I am more impressed with her, if that was possible. What you see below is a hand-stitched skirt with the Bloomers stencil on two layers of dark grey organic jersey. This was one of the most satisfying pieces of clothing I have made to date. And it's made me want to do more. I am posting this here to see if anyone else would also like to do some of this stitching with me. Because if you would, then I will put together a workshop. Leave a comment below if you want to try your hand at this process….

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