What does it mean to slow down and Make in a thoughtful manner....?

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summer camp

Did you go? Do you remember the art & crafts tent? I spent a lot of time in the arts & crafts tent, making things.  Yes, I was at camp and it was in the country, and I lived in the city, and so I should have been running around outdoors and playing. But I really wanted to be in the arts & crafts tent. So I would go there whenever I could. That's where I did my first tie dye. It was this magical place filled with art supplies where you could go and do just about anything your heart desired.

If summer camp was not part of your childhood, perhaps art class was? Was there a place in your school where you could go and play with color and texture and make things that came purely from your own hands? I was a very lucky child in that my school had a big art department. So I did a lot of messing around with art supplies when I was young. 

The other day when I was tidying up I realized that AGOS is kinda like that, like the arts & crafts tent at camp.  Like the art department at school.  Its a place where you can go to mess around with raw materials to make something. Make something that has nothing to do with your daily grind. Make something that uses your creativity, your imagination, your sense of play, of invention. It is important to keep our bodies in good shape, to be healthy. It is just as important to keep your mind in shape. To exercise your right brain, to stretch your neurons and synapses.

Just because we're too old for camp doesn't mean we shouldn't still find outlets for that creative energy. Let us help you with that here at AGOS.  We've got tons of supplies and tools, room, and all sorts of creative energy to share….

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