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Some new offerings...

The Shibori workshops have been very well received so we have added some new dates to the calendar. We have also broken down the individual workshops to focus more on particular aspects of the study. Kathy and I are also working on some project based workshop offering- a pillow, perhaps also a garment. So if you love the Indigo, and the stitching, wrapping, clamping, we have more for you.



We have added another Introduction to the foundational Shibori Stitches workshop on the weekend of May 31st and June 7th.  You can click on the title to the left for more information and to register. If you want to get a good overview of what Shibori is, why the Indigo is used and what you can do with it, this is the workshop for you.  Kathleen Goddu is a remarkable artist in the field with an infectious curiosity about, and love for, the practice. This workshop is necessary to move on to our other offerings.  



We also have a workshop on Itajime and Arashi, folding and clamping, and pole wrapping on the calendar now.  If you have taken the Intro to Shibori Stitches workshop and want to move on to more techniques, check this one out.   



The Copy a Favorite Garment workshop is coming up again. Cheslye leads you through all the steps necessary to take a beloved garment and reproduce it. For all the times you realized in hindsight that that skirt/dress/blouse was perfect, make a pattern from it and have it forever. This workshop gives you great insight into how a garment is constructed, so even if you don't have a beloved item you want to reproduce, bring something you want to take apart, and learn how to put it back together. A great puzzle project!


If you spend any time reading sewing blogs you have noticed that knits are the current rage. Colette Patterns has just released two new knit patterns and a book, The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits. Oliver + S' s parent company Liesl + Co. just released a whole family's worth of T Shirt patterns. Blogger Tilly and the Buttons has a great top/dress pattern called Coco, also recently released. [click on any of those names for more info].  This is not really any surprise because knits are easy to wear, and once you get the hang of it, easy to sew . Here at AGOS we have some workshops to get you over any squeamishness about sewing with knits. 



First off there is Sewing Knits Without a Serger. Working with the Grainline pattern for the Hemlock Tee (a free one-size-fits-most pattern available here) we help you get comfortable working with jersey and it's cousins. This one shot-workshop introduces you to constructing garments with give, in a supportive environment. You'll leave the workshop with a new T! The Hemlock is a great pattern, I have made many of them and wear them often. Making an armload of them gives you all sorts of confidence.



If you've tried your hand at the basic of knits, you might want to try one of our serging workshops.  We've got two Many Threads workshops, one is a basic introduction to working with a serger. You can bring your own, but if you don't have one, you can use ours. You might want to make sure you like working with knits before you splurge on a serger. That's where AGOS comes in. Use ours to get used to them!  We have also added a workshop on making Leggings!  Jacquelyn has drafted a basic pattern and in this two-session workshop you will cut the pattern out, serge them up, add a waistband and do some hemming. And just like that you'll be making yourself leggings!  Think about the possibilities, the colors, the patterns!   We've shown them in basic black, kinda boring, everyone wears them. But you can make them any way you'd like… Striped!? Polka Dots?! Hot Pink?!?


This brings us to the Hoodie workshop with Betsy. Who doesn't love a good hooded sweatshirt?   Keep the chill off on a cool Spring morning. Perfect for a quick trip to the store, with pockets for your phone/keys/wallet. Great for dog walking. I am a big proponent of sewing what you wear. Dresses for special occasions are lovely to make, but a hoodie that you wear day in and day out?  Priceless. Learning to make one will challenge your skills, but I promise, you'll have fun learning!  And what a hoodie you can make!  Check out those (optional) thumbholes in the sleeves… Betsy has suggestions for fabrics to use on the description page, click to the left for more. You can even make this is a woven fabric, if knits really aren't your thing...


That's a tiny little picture of what we've got on deck here at AGOS.  If you want to see more, check out the calendar. I hope you'll come in and say hello, see what our set-up looks like and get to making. We've got all the tools and all the space, all we're missing is you!

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