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Just a little Shibori inspiration for anyone considering taking our workshops coming up next month. The dress on the left was made last year after taking Kathy's workshop. The fabric is linen that I stitched and dyed with Indigo using Shibori techniques. The pattern for the dress is a Laurel from Colette and I cut out the pieces before dyeing so I had a sense of what results I should get. The top on the right is also Shibori, but this piece of fabric was dyed by one of our studio artists here at AGOS, using MX dyes on linen.  The pattern is also Laurel, but just the top version. And this time I was given (!) the piece of fabric after she had dyed it.  Just two examples of the cool things you can do with Shibori.  If you'd like to take either of our workshops, click through here for more details and to register.

Hand stitching

Hand crafted