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Snow Day

It has been a particularly snowy Winter this year. The snowfall seems to come about every week.  Most days that does not put a damper on our activities, but occasionally we have to close the doors for everyone's safety. Last night we got a doozy of a Nor'easter with a large helping of snow, sleet and freezing rain. So today I am working from home.  With kitten assistance, of course….

This allows me to do some quiet scheduling and planning. To date I have been scheduling workshops a quarter at a time. Since we're only six months old, that means I've done two quarters, and am now looking at my third. (while also keeping my eye on the fourth…) There have been some workshops that have gone like gangbusters (hello screen printing ) but others that have been a bit less successful (the A-line skirt workshop) With that knowledge in hand, I thought it might be a good idea to ask the greater Gathering Stitchers if there were things you'd like to see on the schedule that currently aren't?  So here's your chance, tell me what your workshop dreams are. What are you jones'ing to learn?  Knitters, what do you want to learn, or practice? Sewists, do you want to make clothes?  Quilts? Pillows? Bags? Something else?  Dyers, do you want to work with fabric? Yarn? Protein fibers? Cellulose? Any particular teachers anyone would like to see here?

You can leave a comment here on the blog, post something on our Facebook page or send an email to infoATagatheringofstitchesDOTcom.

Throw it at me, I'll all ears…. 

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