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Sorry for the radio silence. Being the Jacqueline of all Trades at AGOS means I do a bit of juggling. And sometimes that means prioritizing media… Woah, does that sound bureaucratic or what?   Yeah, just my way of saying I dropped the ball.  If you need more regular installments, trying following us over at Facebook….

Yesterday was the last session of our Intro to Modern Quilting workshop and I am SOOOO proud of the work these guys did!  Check out their tops!  Aren't they beautiful?!?!?!  And neither of these lovely ladies had ever quilted before! I got such a kick out of watching them explore this craft that I love so. It was incredibly rewarding. We did some serious playing. Will you look at these quilts!

We are looking to start up an AGOS Quilting Bee and had thought we would launch it on February 16th. But the response has been a bit lackluster for our starting date, so I have pushed it back two weeks to March 1st.  Between then and now we are offering a one session workshop on the fundamental Quilt Block (link HERE) so if you're uncertain whether you can handle making a block a month [the usual load for a quilting bee] try this workshop and see what making a block takes. Bet you'll be surprised. A Quilt Bee is a great way to meet like minded people, learn new techniques, play with different fabrics and connect to a time-honored tradition, in a modern way, of course.

Seeing the quilts Margot and Heather made, lit a fire under me. So yesterday I finalized my layout and started sewing blocks together. Forgive me the less than adequate picture, but I wanted to give you a sense of scale. This quilt is for our king sized bed.  Perhaps that's why this is the first time I have attempted to make a quilt for us. This sucker is big….

split rail 2:9.jpg

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