What does it mean to slow down and Make in a thoughtful manner....?

Let's talk about it!

I took the weekend off and just sewed....

I can hear you thinking, well doesn't she sew every day?  It's one of those double edged swords of being in a creative business- your output, your creative production is both necessary as a business strategy, and interpreted as a measure of your success, while also being your source of inspiration and (in my case) your psychic sanity. But maintaining that flow of creativity takes work, and time, and has to be balanced with the 'business' of running a business... So when I post pictures of things I am working on you are not seeing all the hours that had to be done before, during, and after, that creation to keep the infrastructure going that supports that making. There is this website to keep up-to-date, which I sometime fall down at. Social media must be kept up with, and the the email blast needs to tread that fine line of conveying enough info, but not being too long.  There are the workshops to manage- teachers, scheduling, marketing, participants, supplies etc. There is the physical plant to maintain- been fighting with my irons lately, can't find ones that work consistently and well. And then the studio tenants to oversee- this part is simple, and those people keep me going, I love my studio tenants!  We're not even going to talk about managing the economics. Ugh I hate money, wish it would all just work without having to worry about paying the looming heating bills and keeping up with rent.

My students tracing their patterns in Working with a Commercial Sewing Pattern workshop last week.

My students tracing their patterns in Working with a Commercial Sewing Pattern workshop last week.

All that bother is what goes in to running a business, no matter what your business is.  Please do not construe this list as complaining. I left the world of working for others almost a decade ago, and cannot imagine going back. I like the roller coaster that is working for yourself. There are, however, these moments when you wish you could just do the thing that the whole business was built on. And for me that is sew. So this weekend I stepped back from the ministrations of AGOS, and just sewed. How glorious it felt! I assembled another four curved quilt blocks. Yes I am loving the curves!  I finished a Moss skirt I had started a week ago, and made another from start to finish. I made a silk Tee. While I was doing all this making, there was a workshop of sewing techniques going on. Quite a few tenants were also in the studio working. So it was a busy hive of making and learning and doing. It all felt great. 

This is Monday and it is my day off from the studio, and I am having withdrawal.  All my sewing apparatus is in the studio, all I have to make here at home is knitting, and I need to be careful with that. Osteo-Arthritis in the left hand means my knitting is curtailed for the time being. So I have the Monday morning blues.  I need to go back to work. I need to deal with the computer, the emails, the planning, the marketing, the budget (ugh) and all I want to do is sew.....

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