What does it mean to slow down and Make in a thoughtful manner....?

Let's talk about it!


It is a legitimate condition, you know. The affliction involves the beginning of many projects concurrently, sometimes in a manner that foretells the completion of few of them. Acute Startistis will encompass more than one technique (sewing, knitting, embroidery) and create much ruckus by strewing the scene with an overabundance of projects…. 


Herewith a small example.  Three days ago I cut out a Wiksten Tova in some Tula Pink lawn/voile I had in my stash.  (click on pattern names for details) This was a project I have had on deck for months. I also got it into my head to make my husband a wool coat after leaving the movie theater on New Years Eve when he was wearing his warmest jacket, a lovely but inadequate for the cold Barbour, and he was shivering in the car, while I was warm in my…..wool coat. I had bought this Albion duffel coat pattern from Colette Patterns the day it was announced and now I have the perfect opportunity to make an elaborate muslin for my own future coat-I'll make him one. Men's shapes require less fitting, so I can try out this pattern, see if I like it and make him a warm coat at the same time. Some lovely brown wool coating is on it's way to me, along with a piece of chartreuse silk for the lining. ahem.  This is going to be fun!

wool Laurel hem.jpg

All that's left of the Laurel wool jumper I started during Christmas week is the hem, which should be done this afternoon, which means I can begin the Hawthorn top I've had my eye on.



And at home there is all sorts of knitting newly on the needles. More mittens for kids (join me, drop them off and I'll deliver to the East End Community School) a cardigan, a cowl, socks and just last night a warm stranded color work hat…. sigh. The Startitis has hit me bad.  Anyone else suffering?  

If so, there's a Knit Your First Sweater workshop beginning Thursday,  a Copy a Favorite Garment workshop on Saturday and a Zippered Bag workshop on Sunday…. Click on any title for more info and to register.  Treat the Startitis quickly and maybe it won't become critical…..

A quilting bee...

Clothing details