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When I went looking for a website builder 9 months ago I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. When you are a small business with limited resources (which is most small businesses) your options are already restricted. So when I found Squarespace, the template program on which this website is built, I considered myself very lucky. I was directed to this website by Joelle Hoverson, the creative force behind Purl Soho, and a genuinely fabulous human being, so I knew it would work for my creative needs. And, for the most part, it has. There are however some ways in which it is not a perfect fit. And one of those is the schedule and listings for workshops.

So I thought I would explain the ways you can navigate the site to find the information you seek about workshops here on the blog. That way it can always be used as a reference. If you still have questions after this post, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask them! Call or email me and I can talk you though it all! 

Workshops can be accessed four different ways. When you arrive on the home page it has images with titles below them of all the disciplines we teach: knitting, sewing, quilting etc. If you click on any one of those images you will be taken to a page where we offer our views and philosophy about the particular craft, as well as all the listings of workshops currently available on the left hand side of the page. Clicking through on any title will take you to the full description of that workshop, with a Purchase Now button that allows you to register for it. This whole process can be done online. If that  is not your preference, you can also call and we can register you over the phone. While on a workshop description page you will also notice in the upper left hand a direction to the workshops page for that subject. Clicking on that link will take you to all the current listings for that craft- sewing, knitting etc. From there you can click on a title and read more, then register for any of the workshops you see.

If you are more of a day of the week/month type of person, you can click on the calendar to see all our listings posted in chronological order on the calendar. This page may be slow to load, give it a second and everything will pop up. It may not work well on an iPad, and doesn't work on smart phones. But just because you don't see listings on those devices, doesn't mean they aren't there. You just need to be on a larger device. Click on a listing on a given day and you will be taken to a brief description of the workshop. You need to click once more, on the workshop title under the image, to be taken to the full page description with the Purchase Now button to register. Again from any one workshop listing you can click back to all the listings for that craft in the upper left hand corner.

If you like to start your search with the instructor for a workshop, you can go to our Teachers page. They are accessible by a link on the About page. There you will find all our teachers listed with a short bio and links to the workshops they are teaching. 

I hope this clarifies navigation for the website. If you have questions I am here to answer them, so reach out! I will leave you with the most recent photos of the space. It is coming together more and more every day. I am loving working here. Come join me! 

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