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Sorry I've been so quiet here. When the Indiegogo campaign finished I needed to catch my breath and turn my attentions to the physical space for a spell.  I also wanted to get the workshop offerings organized so that I could post those to the website.   Orchestrating all the listings, and the timing and the schedules was a bit like herding cats.  One element would fall into place and the others would wander off. Since this is the first group of workshops we have ever offered I was kinda shooting in the dark about how much to put on the schedule, how much variety to create, when to put things on the calendar. I made my best guesses and I sincerely hope you like them. I see it as a work in progress. I've thrown this out to you, now I will await your feedback.  The very first person who registered highlighted a missed link and some proofreading that I had overlooked.  She was wonderfully patient while I fixed the problems. I hope that all who find issues will share them with me so I can make these offerings the very best they can be.

Just as a guide I will share with you the mechanisms for registering here. There are two basic ways to get to our workshops. You can click on the images on the front page of knitting/sewing/quilting etc. and that will take you to the page for that subject. There you find a short paragraph or two about our ideas and philosophies on the practice on the right. The left hand side of the page has a list of all the workshops we currently offer in that area. If you click on the title or name of the workshop (they all have bullet points) then you are taken to the page for that specific workshop.  There you find a full description with the dates/times, teacher, materials, cost and any other details you might need.  That page also has a purchase button that takes you to our secure payment process. The actual registration process is very simple and fast, and secure. Then we will send you a confirmation email with everything you need to know before the first meeting of your workshop.

The other way to get to this information is to go to our calendar page.  You may need to wait a moment for the page to load, be patient, it will appear. There you can see the whole scope of our offerings by an entire month. You will see that at this point we've got workshops starting in mid-August and going through the beginning of December. If you click on the individual name you will be taken to another page that has a short description, the workshop name and cost. Click on the name (again, bullet pointed) and that will take you to the full workshop page, with the purchase button and everything. 

When you are in the description for any given workshop, you will see an arrow in the upper left hand that directs you back to a page for all the workshops in that field.  That page is a grid of all the, say, sewing workshops, with images and titles. There you can also click on any image and be taken to the description for that offering.   I would ask that you triple check your personal calendar before you register for any workshop. If you can't make it to a workshop and you notify us 48 hours before the first session, we will offer you a credit for a future offerings. Due to the small size and nature of our business we cannot offer refunds. You can also go to the teachers page and there you will find links to the workshops they are teaching. Whew, that's a lot of ways to move around the website......

Our very first workshop will be a Weekend Embroidery Intensive with Dee Clements. If you've been itching to do some stitching (ugh, sorry, couldn't resist) this workshop will be a great introduction.  In two afternoons you will get a whole mess of skills under your belt so you can go on to stitch on anything!  Dee is a fabulous teacher (and a very talented weaver, with her own clothing line: Herron Clothiers). We are very lucky to have her at A Gathering of Stitches.  If you want to see more, click on the workshop title and you'll be taken to the full description.  In case you were wondering, 54 Cove street is fully air conditioned. So if Mother Nature gets pissed off again and throws some more horrifying heat and humidity at us, you will be able to stitch is cool comfort....

We are shooting to open our doors to all you delightful folk around August 9 or 10. Stay tuned for details! 

Meet our Teachers: Suzanne Parrott

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