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Less discernible progress

I feel like I should be posting more photos, but the progress at this stage is more incremental. Painting a white wall a different shade of white is really hard to document.  That said, there is much work going on at 54 Cove Street! We are about 3/4 painted, and it looks so nice with our White Chocolate shade of white. Many lovely folks have been in to help us with the painting and that has made the process much smoother and faster. The studios are taking shape, in fact items are being moved in to some. Each time I see things added to a studio my heart beats a little faster. One of our artists, who is an efficient and lightning fast painter, got her studio ready and moved some things in the end of last week.  I cannot wait to see all the cool work that these artists will be doing here!

7:17 Lara.jpg
studio # 7.jpg

We now have seven of nine studios rented (if you are a Star Trek fan that phrase might mean something to you...) .  The two remaining studios are waiting patiently for their occupants. One of these two studios could easily be shared by two folks. In fact we have one person already interested in sharing. So if you've been toying with the idea, contact me and let's introduce you and show you the space.  I bet we can work something out. The studio is number 7 and at right is an image taken on Wednesday. By the time you see it, it will be painted.  But as you can see it would work well for two artists to share as it already has a half dividing wall. Call or email me and let's talk!




Serger sm.jpg

Delightful things have begun to arrive in the mail. This phenomenal Bernina serger arrived Monday. An old High School friend sent it as her contribution to A Gathering of Stitches.  I could barely contain myself when I opened the box. Squeee!



Then yesterday, I opened a box of books from Interweave Press! The generous folks over there heard about us from our good friend here in Maine, Clara Parkes, editor of Knitters's Review , and wanted to contribute to our campaign.  A box of books directly from the source!  It was like Christmas day here at 54 Cove Street!  Every day brings more excitement and enthusiasm.




 This is the final stretch of our Indiegogo campaign. You didn't think I would post here without some mention did you? If you click through to the website HERE, you see that we are now measuring the time left in hours. A little unnerving when I first realized that's what it was doing.  I have been so encouraged by all the contributions so far. 122 people have donated $7495 to date! Amazing! It is not my goal, but it is pretty damn good! I am so grateful to every single person who shared in this process. We have had many folks share our campaign on Facebook and Twitter and even on their own blogs. Our Facebook followers have grown, so more and more folks know about what we're doing!  It is not too late to contribute! 

It's all not quite over yet, so if you've been on the fence I would urge you to watch the video, read some of these blog posts and dig down in your heart to see if there isn't some room to help out this venture?  I promise you every penny given will go towards building out a fantastic space for the fiber and textile enthusiasts of Southern Maine and Northern New England!  There is so much that can be done with whatever number I end up with. $20,000 would have made things go smoother and easier, but we will still open early August with most of the necessary tools to serve this community.  Whatever we cannot afford now, will be bought in the future!  We will steam ahead and we will let you know when the space is ready to receive visitors!  Our workshop schedule is almost done and I will be sure to alert you all when it is posted.  In the meantime, Please, if you can, give to the Indiegogo campaign...? Here is the link again: http://igg.me/at/AGOS/x/2080114.


Thank you for all the support! 

Live workshops....

With six days to go, Say Hello to Jody Meredith!