What does it mean to slow down and Make in a thoughtful manner....?

Let's talk about it!

It's good to be flexible


There are certain things I have learned in all my years of sewing and knitting. 

Patience is a good thing. Knitting certainly taught me that. Better to stop and frog something when you discover a problem, than to knit through it, hoping to fix it in the blocking.

Gauge swatches are ALWAYS a good idea. Washing and letting fully dry those same swatches is also a good idea.

Prewash your fabric, maybe even twice, before cutting out a pattern. 

Basting is usually a good idea, and the time you decide not to is the time you need to take out the whole seam when you used a really small stitch length.

Perseverance is also good.  Make that muslin, and save your good fabric for the fitted pattern.  Sometimes you even need to make two muslins.

Attention to detail will serve you well. Then you will notice when you are sewing over your seam allowances, or a pin, or through too many layers and save yourself the heartache of taking that seam out. 

Flexibility is good.  Don't have the exact same yarn available? There's probably something in your stash that will substitute nicely. Don't have the right color thread? Well, contrasting thread can be a design element. 

Our ability to be flexible is being tested. Our time line to open our doors has had a small modification.  We will get keys to 54 Cove Street two weeks later than originally planned.  But that's not the end of the world.  Just a little delay.  While we're waiting for the space to be ready for us we will still have our GROW workshop with Eleanor Whitney at SPACE next week.  And we're working away at the class listings for the website. Very soon we will have offerings for you and you'll be able to sign up for classes!  

We're trying not to be impatient....



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