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Meet our Teachers: Betsy Scheintaub

Continuing our series of short interviews with the lovely folks who will be teaching at A Gathering of Stitches. May we introduce you to Betsy?   She will be teaching sewing workshops coming very soon!

Betsy Scheintaub is the owner of Bobbin Studio and co-owner of Bobolink cycling gear. Betsy teaches all levels of sewing with a focus on mastering basic techniques and incorporating creative fabric manipulation. She has a BFA in fiber arts and extensive experience in bag and garment design, costuming for theater, and millinery.  You can see more of her work at her website: http://bobbinstudio.com



AGOS:  What made you first take up sewing?

BS:  I first learned to sew when my mom bought me a used sewing machine for my 10th birthday. I hadn't asked for one but I kept saying that I was sick of craft kits and wanted to make something "real". My mom knew only the basics of sewing and left it to me to teach myself. I still have that machine and use it in my classes to teach others how to sew.

AGOS:  Did you learn from someone dear or important to you? 

BS:  My biggest influence was my professor at University of Oregon, Barbara Setsu Pickett. She has studied traditional Japanese textile techniques and Italian velvet weaving. She was a treasure trove of information and incredibly passionate about all kinds of textiles.

AGOS:  Do you have a favorite project/design/collection, something that you are particularly proud of?

BS:  I have done a lot of different projects over the years. I have designed costumes, handbags, and cycling jerseys but I particularly enjoy making useless art to hang on your wall.

AGOS:  Why do you sew?

BS:  Working with fabric makes me happy. I can't think of anything I'd rather do.

AGOS:  Who are your design influences? 

BS:  I am deeply influenced by traditional Japanese textiles, mid-century Scandinavian design, and Soviet design from the 1930's.

AGOS:  Do you have a favorite material or fiber to work with?

BS:  I love wool. I have spun it, felted it, woven it, and knit it. Mostly I love to sew with it.

AGOS:  Tea or coffee?  

BS:  green tea


Nice to meet you Betsy!  Stay tuned for her workshop offerings.... 

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