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Meet our Teachers: Jerusha Robinson

The process of seeking out, meeting with, and then collaborating with teachers for A Gathering of Stitches has been one of my favorite parts of this journey.  The enthusiasm they bring to their craft, and to sharing it with others, is infectious and so deeply gratifying. No, I am not the only insane person in the world who lives/sleeps/eats/drinks fiber and textiles, and wants to share that obsession with others.... So I thought it would be a nice idea to introduce all these lovely folks to you in their own words, before you can come in and meet them for yourself.

We'll start with Jerusha Robinson, who will be teaching knitting.  Jerusha has been knitting for 17 years. She has been a sample knitter for Maine-based yarn companies since 2005, and currently works for 2 local ones—Quince & Company and Knitbot. She has taught several of her friends to knit and wants to teach you, too, and spread the addiction that is knitting.

When she can manage to put down her needles, she is also a cellist and a singer.


AGOS:   What made you first take up knitting?

JR:  I was always into sewing on a machine and doing counted cross stitch, but when I saw some friends knitting one summer in college, I was so drawn to this craft where you could make clothing and hang out with your friends at the same time, and you can take it anywhere...amazing.

AGOS:  Did you learn from someone dear or important to you? 

JR:  I learned from a dear friend that I worked with during the summer for a few years...she truly changed the course of my life by introducing me to knitting. 

AGOS:  Do you have a favorite project/design/collection, something that you are particularly proud of?

JR:  I'm particularly proud of the samples I've knit over the years, not just the pieces themselves, but how much I've learned and grown by making each one, and seeing how pleased the designers are when they see the finished samples.  

AGOS:   Why do you knit?

JR:  I HATE shopping, and I enjoy production work. My love of knitting stems largely from a lifelong desire to build my wardrobe without setting foot into a store. It's also an expression of love for friends and family, who I knit for often. Furthermore, I can not sit still.

AGOS:   Who are your design influences? 

JR:  The designers I work with through Quince & Co are always an inspiration. Also, I'm super into Kate Davies' work right now. Her Colours of Shetland collection just kills me.

AGOS:  Do you have a favorite material or fiber to work with?

JR:  Anything that is soft, wears well, has a nice hand, and has a pretty palette, because I'm a sucker for stripes. I love wool, and I love working with linen.

AGOS:  Tea or coffee?  

JR:  Tea. Strong black tea with milk. 

Justin Lumiere

Justin Lumiere

Thanks Jerusha! 



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