What does it mean to slow down and Make in a thoughtful manner....?

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As the day when we get keys to what will be the home of A Gathering of Stitches approaches, we get more and more excited.  I got to hang out in the space for a couple of hours last week waiting for the cable guy to come and hook up our phone and internet. The current tenants are the lovely people of Running With Scissors, who are moving just down the road apiece, so we will be neighbors. There is such good energy in the space from all the creating that has taken place there.  We are looking forward to carrying that tradition in to the future. What you see here is the location of our main classroom.  It is a wonderful space with a wall of windows facing North, a set of french doors onto the rest of the space and enough square feet to comfortably fit a gathering of 6-8 makers.   It is waiting for a coat of new paint, some shelving and a design wall. Most likely it will be anchored by a large table in the center.  Oh how we are looking forward to sitting around that table with you!

We will be in as of the 16th of June. There will be some demolition, and then some minor re-building, and then there will be much painting and decorating and arranging.  We will be sure to post pictures of the progress! If you want to give us a hand, we could certainly use the help.  Contact us here and let us know if you're game!


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