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A Modern log cabin baby quilt

A Modern log cabin baby quilt

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Baby quilts are a great way to get your feet wet in the world of Modern quilts.  They're small and so can be completed quickly. You can play with a block you've never used before, or a color scheme that may not be your usual stomping ground. I love making baby quilts.  In fact in the past year or so I've probably made over a dozen of them. I've even got one waiting to be bound that doesn't have an intended recipient yet.  

Wips baby Q back.jpg

This quilt is constructed from wonky log cabin blocks that I cut into quarters and re-assembled into new blocks. I used six different fabrics for the blocks and another fabric for the backing and binding. The dimensions are 38" x 44", and I free motion quilted it with overlapping geometric shapes on my home sewing machine.  The backing of this quilt is typical of the Modern quilt style, it uses leftover blocks from the front.


At A Gathering of Stitches we want to expose people to the expansive and diverse world that is the Modern quilt universe.  If you want to get some idea of what I'm talking about visually, go to the Modern Quilt Guild website to see what is being made by a huge population of creative souls. If you think that quilts are just calico fabric cut into fussy little shapes that repeat endlessly, you're in for a treat.  That's what I thought until two years ago when I stumbled upon this growing scene.  I had always been drawn to quilting cottons, but never wanted to sew garments with them  Either they were too stiff, with no drape for my figure, or they were just a little bit too loud.  Modern quilting allows me to get my color fix without wearing it on my body.  I will be teaching Modern quilting so if you're at all curious please sign up for a workshop and try it out yourself.  As the classes are scheduled we will announce them on the website.  Stay tuned!


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