A video shoot

 This past Saturday we gathered together a small grouping of sewists and knitters to film some footage for our IndieGoGo campaign.  Enthusiastic folks arrived with their needles and yarn, their sewing machines, fabric and the most wonderful excitement.  We love that enthusiasm that fiber people share.  Regardless of what's going on in the rest of their lives, or what might be going on around them, they bond and commune over the creating of the stitch, the crafting of a garment, the love of a fiber.

So Saturday AM saw a small grouping of lovely people sprawled around a loft in Biddeford, working away on projects while two cameras gave them the full Cecil B. DeMille treatment.  Well, perhaps we exaggerate a shred but there were lights all over, and cameras and tripods and booms.  It felt like a real live film set. With all this activity buzzing around them the stitching progressed as if it was on the couch at home. An oasis of calm contented creativity in the face of the latest that independent film making has to offer. We want to thank our friends at Rusticator Pictures, and in particular Sean Mewshaw for all their hard work.

This hubbub is all in the service of an IndieGoGo campaign for A Gathering of Stitches. We have each brought resources to the table, but as with so many projects, more is needed. We have chosen to undertake a crowd funding campaign because A Gathering of Stitches is all about the crowd, the community, you. This creative space is being built for this community.  

We will be sure to post all the important details when we take the campaign live in the next month. So stay tuned.  And when you see it, we would be ever so grateful if you could help us out in any way possible. A contribution would be graciously accepted, but if that's not in the cards, please spread the word about our project. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, post it on your Facebook page. The more people we can reach the more we can share the message, and the fun!