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A Gathering begins

A Gathering begins

Well, hello...!  We've been thinking and planning and scheming for six months now. We've done some market research, talked to friends, neighbors, townspeople and realized that there is a place for a workshop studio for fiber and textile artists here in Portland, Maine.  So we went looking for a space and found the location at 54 Cove Street in the East Bayside area. Our friends Running With Scissors, an artists collective who used to be housed in our building, announced that they were moving down the road on Anderson Street, and we knew we had to look at their old space. We are thrilled to be taking over their space, it has such  good energy.  We know that there is whole history of creativity that A Gathering of Stitches can expand upon in that building.  Will you come join us?

We will take possession of the location on June 16th. It should take us about a month to build out, paint and set-up. If all goes as close to as planned as possible, we will open our doors around July 18th. In the meantime we are hard at work on the invisible parts of this business. We're talking to teachers, firming up our business plan, working away on this website, looking for studio tenants, conceiving our IndieGoGo campaign, and generally taking care of business. Our Facebook page has updates so go there and like us! You can follow this blog, for more information and if put us on you Bloglovin' feed you'll never miss what we're posting. 

54 Cove Street front

A video shoot