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Merry Christmas

Tiny Xmas tree.jpg

It is a cheery time of year, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. The Solstice has passed and we start our creep back to longer days.  The lights present for so many Winter holidays are twinkling away. The delicious smells of evergreens, and cinnamon, and snow, and hot chocolate, and warm wool are everywhere. After some beautiful snow last week, we are being subject to freezing rain, which puts a bit of a damper on the traveling, and the temps are not particularly seasonal. Weather like this makes me even more glad of my hand making of presents. No trips to the mall for me… Our tree is up, the lights are strung, and the whole thing is covered in Pom-Poms! With two new kittens in the house, we decided to leave the heirloom family glass balls in their storage, and go with unbreakable yarn. I go pick up our goose later today, and we're looking forward to a festive Christmas dinner with some good friends. I hope you all have a lovely couple of days leading up to a very Merry Christmas!

Save for the socks I am making my man (which he has full knowledge of) my Holiday knitting is all done, and they're on their way to their intended homes, along with a few cookies, naturally. Due to a very modern (and I would say smart) extended holiday season we won't see parts of the family until after the 25th. So I still have a few items on the ironing board. But they will be done very soon. This means I have a small window to sew for myself. Oh my. And what am I working on? Well, a wool Laurel jumper if you must know. Such a versatile pattern, good for summer, spring, winter and fall dresses! The Working with a Commercial Pattern workshop starting 2/20 will be making this pattern, if you were interested. I loves me a deadline, so may try and get it finished in time for Christmas, but then, maybe not…. It's almost finished, I've lined it with some Bemberg, all I have left to do is the binding on the neckline and armscyes and the hem. I'll keep you posted….

wool Laurel jumper.jpg

I dropped off a bunch of mittens and hats with the East End School last week. Made me feel so much better to know that at least some hands and heads would be warmer. I will be collecting more in the coming months. So if you've got some time after the 25th, make some mittens or hats. The cold doesn't go away because the Holidays do…

We'll be closed the 25th and the 26th, but back in action on the 27th. So if you're out and about, stop in and say hi!

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