What does it mean to slow down and Make in a thoughtful manner....?

Let's talk about it!

Do you need some help?

Some support? Some community to join you in your race to the finish?

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We'll be here all day tomorrow with all our tools and our ideas and our support, to offer guidance and encouragement to anyone who is working on a tight deadline for the impending Holiday present giving day. This is our last chance this year to celebrate the Holidays by Hand making event. This one will be a free-for-all. Bring things you're working on, that maybe you're stuck on, and we can help you get them back on track. If you're just starting, and yes, there are some people who live that dangerously, we have ideas. Lots of ideas. And tools (did anyone say pompom machine…?) and books and materials of various sorts. So come take advantage of us. [well, not like that…] 

Merry Christmas

The screws are on