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Mittens are needed!

It gets pretty cold round these parts in Winter. For those of us who know how to knit that's just a challenge. Mother Nature drops the temperature, we grab the wool. But there is a large group of folks, many of which are children, who don't knit, and even worse, don't have all the resources necessary to keep themselves warm.  I think we can do something about that, so I am instituting a Stitch for Others program. At this time of year, a cosy pair of mittens, or a warm hat are a simple proposition for most of us. Let's knit some mittens and hats for the East End Community School! My friend Katie Wallace says that right now they don't have enough mittens and hats for all the kids who need them. Will you help me fix that? We've got a Stitch-In next Wednesday, 12/11 from 6-8, and I've got a huge pile of wool yarn leftover from projects, let's knit some mittens and hats!  It'll feel good to do something for others in this season of giving. I'll have some basic patterns on hand, needles, and lots of yarn, you bring the hands and we can make quick work of a big pile of warmth for some kids with cold hands...


And if you can't come next Wednesday, knit at home and drop them off, I'll make sure they get to the right place. In fact for every ten pairs of mittens/hats you drop off I'll give you 10% off on a workshop!  As my friend Katie says, “Some people would think about it as charity, but it’s not. It’s about community…”. This is our community, and we have a skill (an obsession, a love) that will easily make others lives a little better.  Seems to me we should help out, what about you?


If you don't knit but still want to contribute you can sew mittens or hats from old sweaters, or go to Goodwill and buy some. However you do it, let's warm up some heads and hands!

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Mary Jane Mucklestone