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So it's pretty cold, isn't it? Feels hard on the lungs, the ears, the digits.  Makes you reach for those woolen items, doesn't it? Can you imagine what it feels like to walk to school if you don't have a warm hats or mittens?

Can you imagine having to brave this weather without the appropriate clothing? Can you tell where I'm going with this?  There are kids at the East End Community Elementary school that don't have hats and mittens, right now. Just think how cold they are… Can't we help them out?  The Stitch-In on Wednesday was a bit of a bust. So I'm going to appeal to you all in this forum. If just half of the knitters reading this were to knit a single pair of mittens or hat we could probably warm hundreds of hands and heads in the East End. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I know how many of you are reading this.  Do you have a spare hour over the next couple of days to make a pair of mittens? That's all it would take, and you could make a big difference in the walk to school for a Portland school kid. It's supposed to snow like all get out on Sunday, wouldn't that be a perfect time to knit up a pair?  Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, maybe some tea, put on your favorite music, curl up in chair and knit some mittens. These are elementary school hands, they're small, mittens for them take no time… If you need a pattern, Ravelry has loads of them. Doing a cursory search I found 474 free patterns for kids… Got to be something in there that rings your bell.


The last day of school before the Christmas holiday for these kids is next Friday, 12/20. If you bring me mittens by Tuesday, I will make sure they get to these kids. How's that sound?  just make one pair of mittens, or one hat, over the weekend. It will be a small piece of your weekend, but it will be a big deal for a kids with cold hands and ears…. I'm going to knit a pair of mittens everyday between now and Wednesday. What can you do? Drop them off at 54 Cove Street anytime and I will deliver.  C'mon, you know if feels good to give. Let's show Portland what knitters can do...

Do you need some help?

Mittens are needed!