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Deep Water

It is so satisfying to finish a knitting project just in time for the appropriate wearing weather….

This is Deep Water, the cover project from the Cecily Glowik MacDonald booklet, Landing: Winged Knits Vol. 1. I knit it up in Peace Fleece in the color way Violet Vyehcyheerom. I bought the yarn from someone on Ravelry about three years ago, so it didn't sit in my stash too long.  I love the Peace Fleece knit up, but knitting it? Not great on my hands.   And the color, well I was on the fence about it for most of the knitting, but now, I rather like it. Up close you can see the halo of neon purple that is a bit harsh, but from a distance it's a nice bright blue.  It is an extremely warm cardigan. Like, too warm to wear indoors until the temps plummet. But from what I've seen on the weather report, it looks like its going to get cold in the next day or so.  I did not love knitting with yarn this thick- 4.5 to an inch on 8's- but now that it's washed, this is the most lovely fabric… I've got a bunch of the Father's Grey in my stash, enough to make a big cosy cabled something. If I start now, I might get it done in time for next Winter…..

I began this project last Winter, and as is my style, I got it about ¾ of the way done, and then the weather began to get warm, and I put it aside. With just one sleeve left to finish, I pulled it out of the UFO pile last month, and a couple days later, I've got a finished cardigan! I am not particularly great at knitting in time for a season, can do it occasionally, but mostly I finish knit objects when their season is coming to a close. So I am very happy to be able to add this to my wardrobe just as Winter approaches. See it getting a lot of wear.


Have you ever made a sweater?  It can be one of the most satisfying things to make a garment that keeps you warm in style. I love me some scarves, hats and socks, but nothing quite feels like finishing a sweater. And then wearing it, over and over... All my life I have been a collector of sweaters. Before I figured out about seamless knitting I had too much trouble finishing them to ever wear very many of mine, so I did my fair share of buying over the years. Then I discovered Elizabeth Zimmermann and everything changed for me. I looked in my closet the other day and realized almost every single sweater in there was hand-made. Chances are when you see me, I'm wearing one I made.  If you've never made yourself a sweater I highly recommend it.  If you feel too timid or nervous to do it on your own, consider taking Jerusha's Knit Your First Sweater workshop starting Thursdays in January. If you click on that tile below you can read more. She'll help you through the process with great enthusiasm and support. Once you try it, my guess is you'll never look back.  Think of all the sweaters you can add to your wardrobe. It will be a great way to spend January, knitting around the table with Jerusha and some other intrepid souls….

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