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Mary Jane Mucklestone

I've got such a girl crush on Mary Jane. She may actually make silly faces and gestures, and curse, as much as I do…. 

All kidding aside, it was a honor to have her here to share her incredible wealth of knowledge about two-color knitting and Shetland and Fair Isle and so much more. She brought hundreds of samples, which were mesmerizing to look at both for their beauty and for their sheer number.  That lady is prolific! Woah!  So made me want to start some color work. I have always (Always!) wanted a Fair Isle vest. It may be time to dive in and start that process….  Folks got pretty far along on their two-color hats, I'm expecting to see some stylish warm heads around town.  Two cool techniques were learned- the Norwegian Purl and Garter Stitch in the round without Purling. I love seeing a room of concentrating knitters and focused on their work, heads down, brows furrowed and then, that sweet moment when they get it. Eureka! Mary Jane is such a warm and encouraging teacher, it was a real pleasure to watch her work.

Mary Jane will be back! And that thought makes me very happy…. I asked her about more teaching, including a steeking workshop, and she was game.  So stay tuned for more Mary Jane! In the meantime, we're doing a Stitch-In today (Sunday) from 1-3. Come by and hang with us. Nice and warm in here….

Mittens are needed!

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