What does it mean to slow down and Make in a thoughtful manner....?

Let's talk about it!

Growing up in a creative household and going to an artsy school, I have always made presents for people. There have been wayward moments in my history when I was either too busy (because I was working too hard-and therefore making more money) or too self-involved to make, and so resorted to buying. But those years have been few and far between. Honestly, in the past two decades I think I have made all my presents. I am not bragging here. Really. Often the reason for making, as opposed to buying, was because I couldn't fathom going to the Mall, I don't like shopping very much. (I know, hard to believe, but true) And I am a picky gift giver. I do not like giving just anything. I like my presents to have meaning, of some sort, whether literal or just in my mind. Picking up any old gewgaw and giving it to a loved one just seems silly, and pointless. [I won't go into how little I think of the mass marketing of the Winter Holidays here, that's just boring, but I do hate seeing Santa Claus anywhere before Thanksgiving, guess I'm old school that way]

Beginning some time in the Fall I start planning out what I am going to make for my Christmas presents. {I grew up with that Holiday, am a full-on atheist, but use the time as an opportunity to show my friends and family some love} Some years I know exactly what I'm going to make, others my eye is caught by a flashy idea I see somewhere. I have established a few traditions, certain folks get knitted socks, but if there is some idea I am working through, it often gets incorporated into my Holiday presents. I like a deadline and the Holidays are just that. It is a challenge and I like to try and test my organizational skills to see how well I can accomplish what I lay out for myself.

With all this in mind, A Gathering of Stitches wants to offer up some inspiration and assistance for your Holiday gift making. Every Saturday till Christmas, starting the first weekend in November, we will have an afternoon open house that revolves around a particular project you can make to give. The whole schedule is over on The Latest page, but all of our crafts will be represented- sewing, knitting, dyeing, screen printing, embroidery.  Think of them as afternoon making parties. We will have ideas and inspiration, patterns, some supplies, equipment, space, encouragement!  You bring your creativity and your enthusiasm and we'll all make great gifts!  Slowing down and making a present takes you out of the daily pressures of modern life and allows you to focus on what is important- friends, family, community. We want to help you take that step.  Come join us this Holiday season!



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