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Halloween help

When I was a kid my mother made me some really cool Halloween costumes. The one that I remember most clearly was a butterfly costume. I wore a body suit & tights that were dyed (or painted) in all sorts of pinks and purples.  My wings were wire hangers that were shaped and covered in some sort of nylon that was also dyed and then I had a set of antennae that affixed to my head with a headband. I loved that costume!  Later in life I remember attending various high school Halloween parties as 'tacky', with totally clashing colors and mis-matched patterns.  Full disclosure, I have not dressed up for the spooky night in over a decade, at least... But I have very fond childhood memories.

In that tradition, Betsy Scheintaub and I are offering help with your Halloween garb this year. Come by on Sunday afternoon October 27th from 1:00 to 5:00 and we'll assist you in making a kick-but costume whether it's for you or someone you know! We've got some patterns on hand that you can copy and use, all in kids sizes. There are all sorts of resources and ideas online. Check out  Sew Mama Sew for some ideas.


Halloween costume patterns.jpg

If you want to check yardage or fabric requirements, you can stop by any time to look at the patterns. Betsy and I both have experience with big people patterns so we can help you craft something for yourself. We've also got all sorts of materials on hand for your use, and will have various unconventional supplies (the Unconventional Challenge anyone....?)  There's a pile of felt in basic colors and all sorts of scrap fabric, interfacing, and yarn on hand.  Fabric paints, basic dyes if you want to make a green bean costume, and markers for drawing.  Don't forget about the Die Cutter... Come use our space and our advice for constructing that Farmer/Witch/Mouse costume!  The cost for the afternoon is $30 at the door.  We'll give you any guidance you might need, help you with the conception/construction and you can use our equipment, our space and whatever materials we have on hand. Folks of all ages are welcome, kids under 12 should be accompanied by a grown-up.  Let us help you create a great costume that doesn't come from a package!  And we promise you'll have fun doing it....


Big weekend coming up...