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  I am Samantha Hoyt Lindgren, and A Gathering of Stitches is my haven of analog hand crafts in a digital age. I create experiential learning experiences, celebrating the expansive and inspiring world of stitching in rustic locations around the grand state of Maine. This venture began with a huge studio and a community of Makers in Portland, Maine. It has since become a traveling show, creating oases of opportunity for Makers of all stripes, drawing on the rustic beauty of Maine for inspiration.....

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All retreats produced by A Gathering of Stitches are open to all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, identity, age, size, or ability. My only request is that you have some basic sewing knowledge under your belt. Otherwise, come join us in some heart-filling Making….


I am from Brooklyn, but Brooklyn before it was hip. I grew up sewing and knitting and crocheting. A Maker from an early age. A Danish Au Pair taught me to knit, so I knit Continental. This meant it was hard for my Mother, who knits English, to help me when I was a kid.   She did teach me to sew, on her tiny Elna Lotus, and I have clear memories of a drawstring skirt from a Vogue pattern that I made many times.  It was a favorite outfit, complimented by dyed longjohns bought at Canal Jeans and my LL Bean boots. I love clothes, always have.  A class at FIT in the 80’s showed me that I should stick to home sewing machines.  Most hand-crafts took a back seat for college and careers as a wedding photographer and then a photo editor at various magazines including Forbes, New York, LIFE, Working Woman, and People. A stressful run of years led me to seek more tactile experiences in the late 90’s and my sewing machine was unearthed. From there it was a long and windy path to a huge stash of both yarn and fabric, a wardrobe of handmade clothes, a bout with Tennis (Knitter’s) elbow and a yearning to create community.  I left the office life in the early 00's to pursue a (short-lived) career in pastry, which mostly served as a way to leave New York City with a marketable skill. Not long after moving to Maine in 2005 my husband Don and I created Rabelais, a specialized cookbook store.  This brought me into the world of modern food where I became concerned with all things local, sustainable, and DIY. Themes that I believe translate well to the modern world of Making. A Gathering of Stitches is my attempt to resolve, and combine, all these interests.

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My Me-Made-May for 2015

My Me-Made-May for 2015



My focus is on bringing world class artists and teachers here to Maine to share their knowledge in intensive retreat settings. If you are reading this from somewhere other than Maine, I invite you to our rustic wonder of a state for some stitch exploration!

In the meantime you can watch my comings and goings on Instagram as AGATHERINGOFSTITCHES....

I would never have gotten off the ground without the financial support of my Indiegogo Donors. Click through HERE to see their names! Thank You Supporters!